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Overview of Dafeng


Dafeng City is located in the eastern coastal areas of Jiangsu Province, faces the Yellow Sea on the east and borders Dongtai City on the south, junctures with Tinghu district of Yancheng City on the north and connects to Xinghua City on the west. It was under the jurisdiction of Xinghua City before, then set up country in May, 1942 and separated from Xinghua and Dongtai. The total population is 730,000 with an area of 3059 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over 12 towns and two provincial level development zones, there are each three of provincial farms and Shanghai owned farms, Dafeng has successive years been in national hundred strong county list, which was ranked fifty-fifth in 2012. Dafeng City has won the title of "Civilized city in Jiangsu province", "Jiangsu provincial health city", "Jiangsu provincial public security city" and "National advanced city for comprehensive management of city environment" and more than 30 national and provincial advanced county (city).